Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter 3: A Warrior’s Teaching

Avatar: The Last Fuckbender – Chapter 3: A Warrior’s Teaching

Sokka was exhausted. He couldnt remember ever working this hard in his life. Since starting his training with the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki and the others had made him train for hours and hours on end without a break. At first Sokka hadnt thought much of these girls; he thought there was no way they could make good warriors. But after humbling himself a little and training with them all afternoon, he was quickly beginning to gain a great deal of respect for these Warriors of Kyoshi. It didnt hurt that they were all drop dead gorgeous, either. Sokka couldnt see much under their loose robes, but from what he could tell they all had perfect bodies, made such by years of hard training and work. Suki was the most attractive, he thought. Earlier in the day, when Suki was helping him with a maneuver and had accidentally brushed her firm ass up against his crotch, Sokka had started to get a hard-on. It wasnt that visible because his package never got fully erect, but he swore he caught Suki looking at it with a hungry expression on her face. And there were two other Warriors he had kept his eyes on. Even though in their uniforms they all looked pretty much the same, Sokka could tell these two were identical twin sisters by the cut of their noses and their high cheekbones. In his mind he had started calling them Green and Blue because of the color of their eyes, since that was the only way you could tell them apart.

At the moment Sokka was lying on the floor of the training arena, panting. He had just gotten taken down by Blue after an intense training fight. Blue looked down at him with playful eyes. Nice work, Sokka, she teased. The other Warriors laughed. Hes getting a little better, said Green, the twin sister of Blue. Yeah, said another of the girls, hes becoming an expert at falling on his ass. The Kyoshi Warriors all laughed again at Sokkas plight. Sokkas face grew red. Now, girls, chided Suki, lets be nice. Hes trying his hardest. Suki walked over to Sokka and helped him up. I think its time for a break, she said, Everyone, well meet back here in an hour. Sokka felt incredibly relieved. He was tired and his muscles were very sore. Most of the girls slowly trickled out of the room until Sokka was left alone with Suki and the twins, Green and Blue. Its hot today, said Blue, we should go for a swim. Green agreed: Yeah, we should go over to the stream for a while. Suki looked at Sokka. What do you think, Sokka? she asked. Sokka shrugged and said, Sure. He was trying to appear nonchalant, but on the inside his mind was racing. Surely these Warriors didnt swim in their robes, he thought. Maybe he would get to see a little skin after all.

The four of them walked a short way to the south, through a small copse of trees and into a sheltered clearing, where a large stream wended its way through the wood. Nobody else seemed to be around. The heat of the day was keeping most everyone in the buildings back at the village. It certainly was unusually hot for how early in the spring it was. Most of the snow had melted off the ground and the cool grass underfoot was warm and soft. Well, here we are, said Suki. Without any further ado she and the twins started to remove their robes. As they untied their girdles they moved over to the stream and splashed water on their faces, removing their warrior makeup. They turned around with fresh clean faces and let their outer robes drop to the ground so they stood in their underwear. Sokka was stunned. The three bodies were almost identical: lean, fit, and toned without sacrificing any curve or shapeliness. The only difference seemed to be that Suki was a little more tan than the twins. The three young lovelies stood with amused looks on their faces. Sokka became aware that he was just staring at them with his mouth open. Come on, Sokka, said Green, take off your clothes. She giggled. Yeah, said Blue, looking pleased, strip! She laughed as well. You heard them, Sokka, said Suki, her smoldering eyes locking with Sokkas, down to your underwear. Sokka was in quite a predicament. He couldnt remove his clothes, because then the three girls would see the giant erection that had sprung to life in his pants. He stood there awkwardly, the girls looking expectant. What the hell, said Sokka finally, and he began to remove his clothes. He took off his shirt and then bent over to remove his pants. When he straightened the outline of his eight and a half inch rod was clearly visible, straining against the material of his underwear. All three girls were staring at his groin and the twins immediately began whispering to each other. But Suki just stood there, staring at Sokkas manhood with a look of hunger on her face. Sexual tension was heavy in the air.

Suddenly, and without warning, the twins rushed at Sokka. He instinctively took a defensive stance. As they approached they reached their feet around Sokkas heels and pulled out his feet from beneath him. Sokka fell hard on his ass. He rolled to one side and sprung up, but Green was waiting for him. She grabbed him in a headlock and Blue grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. He felt a third pair of arms, Sukis, wrap around his legs and pull them out from under him. He fell on his ass for the second time in ten seconds, but this time he couldnt move. Blue and Green were each holding down one of his arms and Suki was kneeling at his feet, holding down his legs. Sokka struggled against their grip. What the fuck? he said, what the hell is going on? Suki looked directly into his eyes. This is part of your training, she said. What do you mean? asked Sokka. Suki smiled seductively, Well, weve been seeing if you know how to fight like a warrior. Now were going to see if you can fuck like one.

Sokkas heart had been beating quickly from exertion, but now his heart rate rose from excitement. He watched, entranced, as Suki leaned down and started to rub his cock through his underwear. It was already hard and straining to break free. Let it out, Suki, said Green. Yeah, added Blue, we want to see it. Suki hooked her fingers around Sokkas underwear and peeled them off his legs. Sokkas throbbing cock sprang free, raging and ready for action. All three girls gasped and Suki gave a little moan of anticipation. She leaned forward and wrapped her hand around Sokkas shaft and began to stroke it slowly. Sokka closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Sukis soft hands pumped his dick up and down. Sokka felt the weight removed from his arms as the twins moved down to join Suki. With his eyes still closed, Sokka felt the wonderful sensation of a tongue flicking the head of his cock. He opened his eyes to see not Suki, but Green with her tongue out, circling the head of his dick. Blues hands replaced Sukis on his member now while Green licked and sucked the head. After a while Suki leaned forward and began to lick the underside of Sokkas shaft and massaged his balls with her hand. Sokka was in heaven. Uuuuunh, he sighed. These three goddesses were giving him the pleasure of his life; three young beauties worshipping his big cock. The next five minutes passed this way, with the girls alternating positions and sharing Sokkas dick.

After a while the girls all leaned back on their heels and Sokka sat up. Suki and the twins reached behind their back and released their underwear tops, letting three perky sets of breasts free. Sokka watched, transfixed. Then they stood up and turned around, bending over while removing their bottoms. Sokka almost came right there as he gazed up at three perfectly toned asses with three beautiful shaven cunts set in between. Suki walked over and pushed Sokka back down onto his back, then stepped over him. Sokka stared up at her pussy. Eat it, Sokka, she said and sat down on his face. Sokkas nose filled with the aroma of pussy and his tongue darted out between the wet folds of her slit, tasting her juices. Suki moaned with pleasure. Oooooh, thats it, baby, she said, yeah, eat my pussy. Sokka felt a set of hands and a mouth take over his cock again. He couldnt tell which of the twins it was with Suki straddling his face, but he didnt care; it felt amazing. Whoever it was proceeded to deepthroat Sokka, plowing his dick into the back of her throat while he licked Sukis pussy and nibbled lightly on her clit. After some time he felt the mouth removed from his cock and a tight twat take its place. He started to buck his hips, his rod pounding into one of the twins pussies. He heard moans coming from the fucking. Uuuuunh, yeah, Sokka, a voice said, fuck me, pound it good. He also heard another set of moans, and these ones interested him: Uuuuuuunh, yeah, lick my pussy, ooooh, but these were coming in addition to Sukis moans, in whose pussy Sokkas tongue was buried. After a minute or two Suki got off of Sokkas face and he got a full view of what was happening. Green was riding Sokka in a reverse cowgirl position and Blue was standing in front of her with her hands on Greens head. Greens face was buried in Blues pussy while Sokka slammed away at Greens cunt. He reached his hands out and grabbed Greens supple ass and rammed up into her harder. He heard moans coming from his left and looked over. One of Sukis hands was on her breast, squeezing and pinching at her pert nipples, while the other hand was between her legs, moving at lightning speed. Suki moaned while she frigged herself, Yeah, fuck her, Sokka, fuck her good, that is so fucking hot, uuuuuunnnh.

After a few minutes of this Suki said, I need a good fuck, Sokka. Fuck me now. Green got off Sokkas dick and he stood and walked over to Suki. Get on your hands and knees, Suki, he ordered. She quickly obeyed, turning around and presenting herself to him. He squared up and slammed into her pussy. Suki screamed with pleasure. AAAH! Yes, fuck it, baby! Sokka started to pound away at Suki from behind. Green moved up and lay down on her back in front of Suki, who immediately reached out and pulled Green towards her, burying her face into her pussy. Mmmmmm, moaned Green, thats it, Suki. Uuuunh! Sokka wondered where Blue was but almost immediately got his answer when he felt a tongue lapping at his balls from behind as they slapped against Sukis ass. Blue licked and sucked at his balls and shaft when it was available before disappearing again into Sukis sopping pussy. Fuck yes! shouted Sokka, You girls are amazing! Suki moaned into Greens pussy, Blue moaned into Sokkas nutsack, and Green moaned out load.

After a while the twins again changed positions, crawling up on either side of Suki on all fours. Sokka had three pussies to choose from, all being displayed to him. He was enjoying fucking Suki, so he reached out with both hands and rammed two fingers into the two pussies on both sides of him. As he finger-fucked the twins they moaned and bucked their hips against his hands. Suki had grown quiet and seemed to be shoving herself back onto Sokkas throbbing cock almost with desperation, her hand up and rubbing her clit furiously. Im gonna come, Sokka, she said, dont stop. Im going to fucking come. Sokka kept up his pounding and after about ten seconds he felt Sukis pussy contract and spasm around his cock. UUUUUNNH, yes! shouted Suki. Im coming! Sokka pulled out of her and lay back, pumping his cock. Who wants my come? he said. Me! Give it to me! shouted Blue. She crawled over and began stroking his dick, her face inches away from the tip. Green and Suki positioned themselves on both sides of Sokka, playing with themselves and moaning. Yeah, come for me, Sokka, encouraged Blue, come all over my face. Suki chimed in, Do it, baby. Give it to her. Sokka felt the tingling in his balls begin to build up. Its coming, he moaned. Blue pumped Sokkas cock faster and faster until Sokka grunted and a huge wad of come erupted out of his cock and hit her directly in the face. She continued to pump as three more spurts of hot seed flew out of the tip of Sokkas shaft onto her. Fuck! Sokka yelled, Take that come, bitch! When his orgasm subsided, Suki and Green crawled over to Blue and began to lick his come off her face. Mmmmm, Suki sighed, your come tastes good, Sokka. Sokka smiled and said, So, does anyone actually want to go for a swim?

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