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Avatar: The Last Airbender – Porno Story: Avatar and Katara Hardcore

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Porno Story: Avatar and Katara Hardcore

He was growing up. Filling out in all the right places. Now he was even taller than Katara herself. Easily about a foot taller. Teenage boys and their growth spurts, as unpredictable as the boys themselves. As he practiced with all of his bending skills, Katara drew her eyes away from him, staring purposefully at the scroll in her hands. Each bending skill must be learned at a timely interval. None except the Avatar can restore the teachings, and rescue the earth from destruction at the hands of Aang really can hold his own. I wonder how well he holds up in other subject areas? No! Bad Katara, focus on scroll Fortunately, the boy in question was having his own set of troubles, so he did not hone in on Kataras personal issues. He was trying to summon immense bursts of wind, while flying. It wasn’t as easy as some of those scrolls made it sound. And Katara was looking especially pretty. Talking to her now would only cause him further embarrassment, and he tried very hard to concentrate on his task. Concentrate. Concentrate. Harder Katara is really pretty No! It was no use. At almost seventeen summers, Aang had considerably improved in all aspects of bending. He was good. But not good enough to face the fire nation with only a three or four man army. Or maybe about 20, if you counted the favors people owed them. Zukko was even more obsessed than before, searching desperately for any sign of the Avatar. Aang tried to concentrate again, his resolve renewed. Maybe there could be a future for them, if he trained hard enough, got enough people to fight with them Maybe, they could have a family And to get that family- Aang stopped his thoughts in their tracks. There was no way he was going there with Katara and Sokka sitting right there Aang wished futilely that the majority of his mind and body would listen to the rational side of him. But they didnt. Images came unbidden, of Katara in. positions, and sweating and writhing beneath him and. Aang, you should come down now! Were having dinner! Kataras voice sounded strained, and Aang looked down at her. She was standing next to the fire, chatting with Sokka. Then he looked down at himself. His pants were strained at the crotch, and he was wincing every time he moved to land. He had to find some way to cool down his body before landing. Katara would see! What had Sokka told him before? He had to think. Oh yes, think of things that would make him err deflate. But all he could fill his mind with was Katara. He had to think Sokka in a dress! He felt himself start to go down. Thank the gods he shuddered at the thought of Facing Katara like that Katara. The tent was back. Sokka in a dress! Sokka Naked! His erection was completely gone by the time he landed, and rushed over to where they were camped for the night. Are you okay Aang? We thought youd never come down, Sokka joked, nudging Aang with his elbow. You have no idea thought Aang solemnly, grabbing his bowl of rice and fish. I’m okay, he said after a while. Dinner was a quiet affair that night. After sitting in the silence, and shifting uncomfortably, Katara had had enough. I’m taking a bath. She announced, getting up, and grabbing her pack. Hey, Aang, can I take Appa for a ride? asked Sokka excitedly. As long as you dont get into any trouble, Katara answered for him. I guess Ill stay at the camp then, said Aang, rolling out his sleeping mat. They all split up, and Aang sighed anxiously. What would he do while they were gone? You could think about Katara Whos there! Aang heard an exasperated sigh, and then: Here inside you. I’m part of you. Oh really. Which part? I’m not falling for this! I’m the part of you that actually thinks about sex. What? I’m the part of you that makes your dick hard, and gives you those thoughts about your pretty little girlfriend Katara. Aang blushed at the crude language, but he was glad he now knew what was happening to him. Why am I feeling this? And I want you to go away! I dont want to hurt Katara! Sorry kiddo. Not going anywhere any time soon. And you are feeling this way because you really really like Katara Or it could be you love her. You have to decide. Just as Aangs heart began to pump a bit faster, images flashed through his mind, of him and Katara. Erotic images, her underneath him, her on top of him, beside him, her kneeling in front of him, all sorts of images. Do those look like shes in pain? No Aang looked down, and saw/felt himself hardening. He groaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Exactly. She feels this way too. Although she doesnt have me to tell her whats going on, Ill be she knows exactly whats going on inside her. I’m just a little side affect of being the Avatar. Every Avatar hadthis? Yes. How do you think you exist? They had to get busy somehow. So, are you gonna go and find her, or what? I-I-I cant do those things to her! I dont even know how! So Ill guide you. Not a big deal. Until you can do her all by youself, Ill be right here, torturing and occasionally helping you out with your surprisingly large problem. Whats that supposed to mean? It means you have a huge penis. I do? Havent you ever seen it hard? No, not really Oh we dont have time for this! Just go find the girl, and Ill coach you from there. Okay And with that, Aang rose from his seat in the grass to find the bathing and blissfully unaware Katara ~ There she is. Aang had been staring at Kataras naked back for at least five minutes. It led beautifully up to her smooth, long neck, which curved gracefully into her hair, which was pulled into a sloppy bun. She was indeed beautiful. He stepped forward gently, and pushed his way through the dense foliage to the edge of the little pool. Katara was still unaware that he was behind her, and the voice told him to disrobe. So he did, as quickly and quietly as possible. All too soon he was completely naked, and almost hyperventilating. Just calm down. Kneel down and rub her shoulders. He knelt and rubbed her shoulders gently, she gasped, and he lowered his head and whispered into her ear: Its okay, Katara, its me. She straightened up even more, but he was relentless in his massage. Soon she moaned, and leaned backed into his hands. He edged her forward, and slid in behind her. Feeling his hardness against her back, caused Katara to make a soft Oh, and tense a bit, but he kept massaging her shoulders. Spread your area wider, that way, you can work your way down her back. Aang was now rubbing her back, and Katara was emitting little moans and squeals, and wiggling her hips, which were pressed against his engorged member. And Aang also let out a low groan. Katara He then slipped his hands around to her front, and rubbed her breasts. Katara moaned, and pressed her chest into his hands. He kneaded then, expertly pinching her nipples and rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. Leaving one had to play with Kataras perky breasts, he let his other hand slide down her flat stomach, toward his ultimate goal. Aang! Ooh, ahn she moaned, unable to form complete sentences. When had little Aang grown up? When had he become so experienced? And from the feel of it, he was all grown up Katara then felt him sliding his hand down the lips of her nether regions. She moaned louder. Aang parted them, only to pinch and rub at her clit. Katara was convulsing in pleasure then, and something inside her exploded. She could only look up into Aangs smiling passive face and lose herself in the waves of pleasure that were cresting over her. Aang quietly switched places with her, and lifted her partially onto the shore. What- whatre you- oh! Katara babbled as Aang slowly brought his mouth to her drenched center. He pressed her hips down, and licked at her, all while staring her in the face. He sucked hard on her clit, and placed a finger at her entrance. Okay, now push it in gently and pair it up with another one, Oooh, Aang, Katara was moaning helplessly now, and Aang felt himself harden impossibly more and her reactions. What would it be like to be inside her? Doing all those things that he had been shown before? Thrusting into her from behind? Watching her moan and jerk the same way as he came inside of her? Katara gave one last moan, and released into Aangs waiting and eager mouth. Pulling a limp Katara further onto the beach, he pressed his mouth against her own, and licked at her lips, pleading for entrance. She obliged, and Aang positioned himself at her entrance. It was so tempting to just thrust in, and feel her soft wet heat wrapped around him like a glove We can stop if you want to, Katara Aang grunted, and he continued fighting with himself, waiting for her answer. Please do it Aang, she gasped breathlessly, and he pushed in to the hilt. She creamed, and sobbed, beating at his back with her fists. I’m sorry. He whispered, tears forming in his eyes. He hadnt been told it would hurt the first time He would have gone much slower. He stayed still, memorizing the feel of her wrapped around him. He looked down at her, and she nodded. Aang thrust slowly at first, but when he felt a gush of wetness, he thrust harder, and with wild abandon. Pulling his dick out to the tip, and then plunging back in, he created a wild rhythm, and he could barely hear Kataras screams of pure ecstasy. She was moaning his name. Aang, oh Aang, please, more and he obliged; thrusting even harder, and faster. He felt her tighten, and groaned. With a sudden movement, she was on top of him, and he was thrusting even deeper than before. Good, sooo good he moaned, picking her up, and letting her fall onto his prick. She began moving on her own then, and they created a delicious friction that set the apex of Kataras thighs on fire. Aangs face bunched up, and he bit his lip. He tried desperately to speak, he didnt want her to get pregnant yet. But looking up at her as they moved together, and she stared down unblinkingly at him, he knew that she knew what the consequences could be. He was twitching inside of her, and Katara moved harder and faster on top of him, and they were both rewarded by sweet release. Her pleasure was heightened, when she felt Aangs hot seed pump into her, beat by precious beat. They both collapsed on the shore, and Aang placed an arm around Katara. She kissed him gently, and looked deeply into his eyes. I love you. I love you too. Thats great, everyone loves everyone, now can we please get some sleep so that we have enough strength to screw our girl tomorrow?
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