Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: fire cages

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: fire cages

Bombs. She remembered bombs, and then darkness…

Katara moaned as she began to wake up, blinking as she looked around. Everything was fuzzy, the voices indistinct at first, but she could feel the touch of practiced hands as they treated her wounds. Memories flooded into her mind. The invasion of the Fire Nation. The eclipse. She remembered supporting her father as the eclipse ended and they waited for Aang to return. But he hadn’t. There had been no word from Aang, Sokka or Toph. And then the fire nation forces had appeared in the air, their twisted versions of Sokka’s balloons dropping bombs from overhead.

Katara winced as the hands wrapped a bandage around her arm. “Did… did we win?”

The healer shook her head sadly, but didn’t respond. The voice that did answer made her cringe.

“Hardly.” Azula chuckled as she leaned over, her sneering face filling Katara’s vision. “The Avatar decided he was ready to face dad.” The princess smiled in a way that made Katara want to rip her throat out. “He was wrong.”

“No!” Katara yelled, trying to jump up. She was barely able to rise a little before she fell back, her vision clouding and darkness returning.

“Best rest up.” Azula sneered as the water-bender’s consciousness faded. “Dad’s got a big announcement. And he wants you there for it.”


Fire Lord Ozai allowed himself a smile as he sat on his throne, surveying the assembled high generals and governors of the Fire Nation. He had summoned only his most trusted and ruthless leaders, twenty four all told, yet even they sat nervously if respectfully, unsure of why they were there. Of course he did have to admit that the saffron sash of the Last Avatar that hung behind him contributed to his intimidating air.

“My loyal subjects.” The Fire Lord’s voice filled the room, demanding all attention and ending all whispers. “As you know, we have achieved a great victory. The Avatar is no more. The Ascension of the Fire Nation is now complete. Yet even now trouble brews in our conquered lands. Some of the invading forces escaped, and talk of rebellion spreads.”

Thoughtful nods of agreement came from the gathered generals. Ozai stood, stepping forward regally, the flames before his throne parting for him. “We have allowed the colonies too much freedom. It is time they learned their place.”

The Fire Lord brought his hands together in a clap, the flames behind him roaring. At the signal, the floor beside him opened and a golden frame began to rise. It was beautifully decorated, carved to look like two serpentine dragons, the breaths of fire from their open mouths meeting in the middle. But the eyes of every man were not on the frame, but what it held. A golden chain from the apex of the flames led down to matching shackles that held a beautiful, dark skinned girl, suspended by her wrists, trapped in the frame. Waves of long brown hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, save for the strands worked into two loops, one on either side of her face, framing her beautiful blue eyes. Her body was decorated in thin furs of pure white and trimmed in blue, the formal dress of the water tribes. Yet this outfit was much more enticingly cut. The fur covered her breasts, but left her arms and trim midriff bare. The skirt rode low on her hips, and while the delicate fur flowed down to her trim ankles, the sides were slit and open, placing her exquisitely formed legs on display. Gold manacles encircled her ankles above her bare feet, her toes dangling a foot above the floor, keeping them together and in place, a short chain running to the bottom of the frame.

“This is Katara,” Ozai said as he looked down over the bound girl, reaching out to lift her chin with his fingers. Katara’s blue eyes glared fiercely up at him, a growl of defiance able to be heard despite the leather gag that filled her mouth. “master water-bender. In fact, the last water-bender of the Southern water tribe, and former companion of the Avatar.” The Fire Lord’s hands closed around Katara’s defiant jaw, his dark eyes looking into hers in a way that sent a chill down her spine.

“I claim her now as my slave.”

Katara’s eyes shot wide, her skin going cold. She tried to yell, to jerk her head free, but Ozai held her there tightly, his finger casually stroking her cheek. She shivered at the touch, her heart pounding in her chest, only dimly aware of the murmurs of surprise from the gathered men.

With a dark smile the Fire Lord turned his attention back to the room. “I hereby proclaim that all those who stand in rebellion against the Fire Nation forfeit their freedom.” Ozai spread his hands, and the doors to either side of the room opened. Katara watched in helpless horror as two lines of girls were marched into the room, dressed like dancers, but their hands and feet manacled. With a gasp Katara recognized Sukki amongst the captives. The Kyoshi warrior looked up, their gazes meeting, before both girls looked away in shame.

“From this moment on, the punishment for insurrection is slavery in service to the lords of the Fire Nation.” Katara jumped in her bonds as she felt Ozai’s arm slip around her waist, his fingers trailing up her skin. Before her armed guards led the captives forward, one girl for each of the Fire Lord’s chosen minions. “One slave for each of you to begin with gentlemen, with my compliments.” The Fire Lord stood behind Katara now, smiling to his men as they accepted their prizes. Katara cried into her gag as his hand came up, seizing her breast tightly through the fur. She turned her head away, tears forming in her eyes.

“Use them as you see fit.”

The doors opened, and the Fire Lord’s trusted commanders began to file out, taking their frightened new slaves with them. But Katara’s attention was solely on the Fire Lord’s hand as he squeezed the soft mound of her breast. She cringed, whimpering in her throat, her lithe form twisting helplessly until he pressed against her. “And now, my little pet, it is time for you to learn your new role.”

Katara looked up and realized that the last door had closed. She was alone now. Alone with the man she had sworn to help defeat. The man who was bent on enslaving the world. The man who had killed Aang. She tried to bite back the tears that came with that thought.

With a smile Ozai tightened his grip on the young water-bender’s breast, pinching down on her nipple cruelly through the fur and drawing a surprised cry of pain from her. “Now little bender, what to do with you?” Katara winced as his other hand came up, his finger trailing over her soft skin, then behind her. With a flick he opened the back of her top. His other hand squeezed down, ripping the fur from her and exposing the beautiful curves of her bare breasts. Katara closed her eyes, screaming out in rage and shame, tears spilling down her cheeks.

Ozai began slowly circling his captive, giving her dark nipple a painful flick. “Such a pretty little thing you are. Too think you’ve caused me so much trouble.” Katara opened her eyes, glaring fiercely at the Fire Lord with eyes of rage. He responded by reaching out and ripping away the last of her clothing, the soft fur trailing over her legs as it was jerked away, leaving her body naked before him. Katara shuddered. She could feel the Fire Lord’s eyes as they traveled up and down her trembling body, and she turned her head away in shame, her cheeks burning. “I think it’s high time you were punished for all that trouble, little girl.”

Standing before her Ozai brought his hands together. Slowly at first he pulled them apart, a line of fire forming between them. Then he snapped his right hand down and the line leaped from his palm, circling around Katara like a whip, snapping next to her ear before with a loud crack. With wide eyes she watched him curl it up.

“Did you never wonder where my daughter got her sadistic streak?” Ozai grinned and then lashed out. Katara screamed as the whip snapped across her breasts, biting into each nipple, stinging like a real whip, burning like fire. But Ozai’s control was perfect. No damage was done to his new slave save for reddened skin. The pain however was all too real. Katara twisted helplessly in her chains, screaming into the gag in agony as she tried in vain to get free.

Taking a moment to drink in the sight of his beautiful captive’s curves while she writhed, Ozai began to circle the girl. The fire whip lashed out again, this time across the bubbly cheeks of her ass, making her jolt and scream anew. Ozai laughed and whipped her twice more across her bare bottom, listening to her strangled screams as she tried uselessly to get away.

For Katara the torture seemed to be endless. The burning pain came from all direction, biting into her bottom, her thighs, her breasts, her back, her belly. It was pain the likes of which she had never known, and she couldn’t stop herself from screaming no matter how she fought. Her ears filled with the echoes of her own cries and the Fire Lord’s mocking laughter.

Ozai pulled the whip back, curling it up though it had no physical substance, and looked over the beaten girl. Katara hung there limply, taking panting breaths, her cheeks glistening with tears. With a smile he stepped forward, reaching behind her to undo the strap and pull the gag from her mouth. “Anything to say, my slave?”

Katara winced, but summoned her inner resolve. She clenched her teeth and forced herself to look up, her icy blue eyes meeting the Fire Lord’s. “You won’t get away with this.” Her voice was cool and even, despite her labored breathing. “Someone will stop you. Even…” she choked, remembering the sash behind his throne. “Even if Aang is… gone, a new Avatar will be born.”

Ozai considered her for a moment, his face serious as he met those piercing blue eyes. Then his lips parted in a smile and he began to laugh. “Well then my pet, I should make use of what time I have.”

Without warning the whip snapped up, aimed expertly, rising between Katara’s legs. The water-bender cried out in agony, her voice free, reverberating off the walls of the throne room as the flame whip snapped across her mound, drawing across her sex to burn away the downy brown hair and leave her bare. It curled up behind her, following the cleft of her bottom before Ozai drew it back sharply, drawing another punctuated scream from the girl.

Katara could barely think beyond the pain. She felt the Fire Lord release the chain suspending her, catching her body as she fell. Before she could even think he had her arms behind her, her wrists now shackled behind her back. He half marched, half carried her to his throne, parting the flames as he pulled her across the threshold. She stood there, trembling a moment, trying to catch her breath, and then felt herself lifted. She cried out as her legs were spread and she was brought down, straddling his lap. She didn’t know when he had disrobed, but now she felt his naked legs between hers, and the hard, burning form of his shaft nestled against her sex.

“NO!” she shrieked as he lifted her, guiding her. She cringed as she felt the head of his shaft press against her sex, her heart freezing. She opened her eyes, looking up through tears to the trophy of the Avatar’s sash. “P-please…”

“Welcome to your new life, Slave.” Strong hands pulled her down as the Fire Lord thrust up, driving into her body. Katara felt her soft folds forcefully spread, the giant shaft driving painfully into her, huge, hurting her, hard and as painfully hot as the fire whip had been. The young water-bender cried out, tears flowing freely from her eyes. Not like this! Not him! She cringed as she felt him grip her tighter. The Fire Lord thrust deeply in again, ripping apart her virginity, claiming his prize as he filled the sobbing girl, feeling her young body so tight around him.

For Katara there was no pleasure. There was none of the delicate intimacy and love she had hoped to one day share with a man. It was the ultimate degradation, the worst possible defeat as the man whom she hated more than anything in the world raped her, taking his pleasure from her suffering. She cried out as he bounced her on his lap again, driving his burning cock even deeper inside her, making her twist desperately to try and escape his grip, struggling to get away. The Fire Lord only smiled as he watched his captive squirm, her breasts bouncing deliciously before him. He watched her lovely, humiliated face as she struggled against him even still, enjoying the expression of horror and shame that played on her features every time he would thrust into her. “You will come to understand, little water-bender. You are now property of the Fire Nation.” He smiled as she opened her eyes, glaring so intensly, so hatefully at him. “You’re mine.”

He drove into her brutally, burying himself completely as Katara screamed, her back arching. With wide, agonized eyes she looked up, her gaze settling on Aang’s saffron sash that hung as the Fire Lord’s trophy behind his throne. Katara felt something inside of her break, and she hung her head, closing her eyes, weeping as the Fire Lord took her.

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