Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Eagerness Builds To A violating point 1

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Eagerness Builds To A violating point 1

The journey to the north pole was hard for Aang.  In more ways than one.  For the entire trip, Aang was sitting next to his dream girl, but was afraid to tell her.  His only relief was his hand, and the occasional celebrity sex he would get in some places that he visited.  He is the avatar after all.  Many people were happy to see him return.  However, Katara seemed not to care, she only thought of him as a brother. 


As they arrived at the North Pole, Aang began his waterbending training, although he did tend to goof off quite a bit.  Yet, as the days went on, he progressed rapidly.  He was becoming quite a bender.  While watching this, and being upset that she could not be taught bending herself, Katara grew interested in Aang.  She started to find ways to be around him, much to the simultaneous enjoyment and disappointment of Aang.  Eventually, after a long day’s bending, Katara decided she had to try something to both learn to bend, and satiate her desires. 


Aang was tired from a long day, and Katara approached him.

“It sucks that I can’t learn bending from Master Paku” Katara complained.

“Sure does” replied the exceedingly horny and tired avatar.

“How about you show me some of the moves you learned during the day? That way I get to learn and we can spend a lot of time together.”  As Katara said this, Aang swore he saw a glint in her eyes.

Forget it, he thought, it had to be nothing.

“You got it Katara, let’s do it!”

The next day, Aang was excited for his lessons so he could run back and show Katara everything.  He learned everything Master Paku had taught him and raced back to the camp site.  Aang began with some of the simpler techniques he had learned in early lessons, but Katara was learning with lightning speed.  They began to progress, and Katara was having some trouble.  This gave Aang the excuse to get up behind Katara and guide her moves.  As he did so, he could swear her felt an almost imperceptible move of Katara’s perfect ass.  Just thinking it made Aang’s dick begin to grow.  Of course, Katara felt and loved it.  She really had not problem with the waterbending moves, but wanted some contact with Aang.


Once Katara finally “understood” the moves, Aang backed away, embarrassed at his reaction to the closeness with Katara.  After some avatar breathing techniques, he got himself under control and began to teach again.  Katara suggested a good way to practice would be to engage in a mock battle so they could both practice.



Meanwhile, Sokka was out with Princess Yue.  As they strolled, Sokka continued to rattle off joke after joke, much to the princess’s delight.  As they walked, their mutual attraction grew stronger.  They soon found themselves leaning in for a kiss.  When their lips touched, it was magic for both of them.  Yue realized where this was going, so she brought Sokka to a spirit oasis where it was always warm.  Sokka soon realized that this was to his advantage as there would be no shrinkage, exactly as Yue planned. 


Upon arrival in the oasis, Sokka and Yue attacked eachother, kissing madly and ripping clothes off of the other’s body.  There would be time for tenderness later, but now there was only a necessity for sex.  Both of them were overwhelmed with the need to feel the utmost of pleasure that they knew only the other could bring.


Sokka seemed to be nervous at this junction, so Yue gladly took the lead.  As soon as she and Sokka were naked, she got to her knees as began to encircle Sokka’s ever-growing organ with her tongue.  She began a slow suck which promptly caused Sokka to regain his confidence.  He reached down, fondled a tit with the right hand and pressed her head down deeper.  Soon enough Sokka was receiving the best deep throat of his life.  He realized he was about to cum, but wanted that sweet pussy first.


He pushed her head off and threw her to the grass of the oasis.  He lifted her legs behind her ears and began to mercilessly pound her.  Sokka sank balls deep on the first thrust.  As he entered and exited her pussy, Yue moaned and groaned as she felt as full as possibly, then empty as Sokka withdrew, only to force himself back in.  Within minutes, both of them were building up to powerful orgasms.  Sokka, nearing his breaking point, managed to warn Yue who responed with an almost unintelligible groan.  Sokka took this as an OK to cum inside her, which he promptly did.  Upon feeling his seed splash against her silky sheath, Yue had a mind blowing orgasm.  Her pussy contracted trying to milk all of Sokka’s cum out and into her.  As they came down from their orgasmic high, Sokka and Yue fell asleep in the warmth of the spirit oasis.



As Aang and Katara began the battle, Katara and Aang were both trying to figure out how to make this work to their advantage.  Each wanted the other, but did not know how to approach the delicate topic.  As the fight began, Aang and Katara each lashed out at each other with whips of water and icicles flying at the other.  They traded blows and blocks for quite some time, when Aang got an idea.  He formed a water whip and aimed for the buttons of Katara’s jacket.  His accuracy was perfect, and the jacket came off, revealing a skin tight long sleeve shirt outlining Katara’s stunning body.  Aang had bigger things on his mind though, and aimed the whip at her pants.  Again, he was accurate, slicing her pants.  They dropped to the ice below them to reveal a light blue skimpy bikini.  By this point, Aang was sporting an impressive boner, and Katara was wise to the game he was playing.  The fight stopped as she whipped off Aang’s shirt and pants as well to reveal himself in all his avatar glory.  Katara would have never guessed that his arrow tattoos extended to his dick as well.


Seeing where this was going, Aang quickly whipped off the rest of Katara’s clothing and ran towards her.  Katara wanted it just as much as Aang and led him inside their igloo to relative warmth.  Once there, they laid each other down and began the art of slow seduction.  Being their first times, Katara wanted it to be special, and Aang wanted to make Katara feel amazing.  Being a bender, Katara had previously broken her virginity masturbating with all forms of water, but could not wait to be filled and stretched by Aang.  They began to kiss and Katara got increasingly wet.  Aang took his time, knowing this would end well for him, he decided to enjoy it and make it last.  We started to move southwards, and nibbled along Katara’s body until reaching her breasts.  For a long time, Aang has worshiped Katara’s body from afar, and now he was going to give it what it deserved.  He latched on the right breast and suckled it just the way Katara liked it.  While doing this, he moved his hand down towards Katara’s tight, wet pussy and made circles around it.  Instead of fingering her, he bent Katara’s copious juices into a water dildo to fuck her with.  She was soon receiving amazing pleasure from her own juices.  As she secreted more and more, Aang was gathering them into the dildo making it bigger and wider, preparing her for his tool.  Katara began to thrash and squirm.  Aang had made her cum.  Katara felt amazing, and wanted to reciprocate. 


When she came down from her orgasmic high, she took Aang 9 incher in her hands and began to stroke up and down, making Aang harder at her touch.  She bent down towards him and enveloped his rock hard member with her mouth.  Aang let out a moan from the feeling of her hot wet orifice swallowing him.  He was feeling something that the air monks could have never prepared him for.  Yet, using breathing techniques he learned over 100 years ago, he was able to relax and prolong this fantastic event.  Katara wanted to make Aang feel just as good as she had so she started to bed her saliva and his precum into a whirlwind around his cock.  Just barely touching it and causing him to shiver in delight, he spontaneously blasted his load into Katara’s mouth which she greedily swallowed.


Katara was horny again, but figured that the young avatar would have nothing left in him.  Wrong she was.  He was still hard and ready to give her the pounding of a life time.

“Are you sure?’ Aang wanted to cause no harm or pain to Katara.

“Just stick it in me stud!”

Aang was all to happy to comply.  He entered her and began to thrust slow and steady.  Gradually, he picked up the pace.  Soon enough, Katara’s hair and breasts were flying and bouncing all over as Aang moved like a piston in and out of her slick vagina.  By bending the air currents around him, Aang was able to create even more speed and pound Katara into a frenzy of orgasms.  Aang felt the familiar pressure in his balls, and soon unloaded into Katara, setting her off one last time before they each passed out contented by the fantastic sex they just shared.

To Be Continued

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