Avatar: The Last Airbender – Kyoshi Island: The home of Sokka and Suki

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Kyoshi Island: The home of Sokka and Suki

Kyoshi Island: The home of Sokka and Suki (part 1)

The night stars were so illuminating. Aang let out a lone sigh. Another long journey to see a friend of mine. The view of Kyoshi Island came into view. The light from the stars illustrated the true beauty of the island. Appa landed near the beach and Aang jumped off. Ok Appa, just wait here. Im gonna go see if I could find Sokka and Sukis house. Appa growled again and stretched his legs and lay down in the sand. Appa then started to roll around as Aang began to walk up to the village.

Stop right there! Aang froze. He heard the voice before but didnt know where it was coming from. He looked up and saw three Kyoshi warriors starring down at him. They all suddenly jumped down from the tree branches and stood in front of Aang. He slowly stepped backwards.

Hello Aang one of the girls said cheerfully. Aang looked over to the girl that was in the middle. He recognized her voice. Ty Lee, is that you? The girl nodded and stood on her heels with her arms behind her back and swaying back and forth cheerfully. She leaned in and kissed Aang o the lips. Aang stumbled backwards and looked a little surprised. What was that for Ty Lee?

Ty Lee smiled. Well, its not like everyday we get to see a hero come here. Also, your friend Katara set me free from Azulas control. But I never got to really thank her.

Aang was still in a stage of shock. Dont get nervous Aang, Im sure you really enjoyed my kiss. Aang nodded his and started to imagine Ty Lee without the Kyoshi warrior uniform. He remembered that she looked sexy in her acrobatic fire nation clothing and the long brunette hair that was currently tied back. Man, Aang thought to himself, maybe I should fuck Ty Lee later on. She is not all that bad. He drooling thinking of his fantasy.

Um Aang Ty Lee said snapping her fingers in front of his face. Aang blink, sorry about that. Ty Lee started to laugh as well as the other two warriors. Anyways Aang, what brings you to Kyoshi Island?

Aang looked at her in her eyes. I came to see Sokka and Suki. Ty Lee had a disappointed face. Oh she said quietly. If you wish to find them, just continue to walk through the center of the village, up to the big hill and you will find their house. Aang bowed down and walked between the Kyoshi warriors. Aang turned around and shot a smile to Ty Lee before they jumped backed into the trees. Now I need to come back to see Ty Lee later he sighed and walked up the hill.

In the distance, Aang could see Sokka and Sukis house. Aang tilted his head. I wonder why they would want it away from the village. He continued to walk up and stopped at the front door. He was about to knock when he notice a strong smell of candles coming from a room. He decided to walk around the house and peeked through the window. His mouth dropped. He was peeking into what appeared to be a bedroom. As he scanned the room, he notices several candles burning and his eyes finally stopped. Aang blinked several time and saw Sokka lying in the bed with a rose in his mouth.

Sokka took the rose out of his mouth. Oh Suki, are you ready for the most magical time of your life? In the distance Aang saw Suki coming out of a bathroom wearing her warrior grab. Oh yes Im ready my love. Suki ran over and jumped onto the bed. Sokka roughly grabbed Suki and started to kiss her passionately. I love this sexy outfit Sokka said rubbing the soft material. It outlined Sukis physical futures well. I love you Suki Sokka said moving his hands down to her sexy ass.

Aang couldnt stopped watching and decided to form a rock chair so he could watch. The earth shook violently as he performed the action. Sokka, did you feel that Suki said as he stopped kissing for a little. Sokka shook his head and returned to kissing Suki. Aang sighed knowing that he was almost exposed.

Suki pushed Sokka gently against the bed and sat on top of him with her legs on the sides. She carefully grinded her vagina against Sokkas now hardening cock. Suki, let me see your beautiful boobs. Suki nodded and slowly removed the warrior robe exposing her c boobs to Sokka. Sokka leaned over and unclasped her bra that kept her boobs from popping out. Oh, Sukiyou have the most beautiful boobs that I have ever seen Sokka said seductively as he wrapped his around her back and brought her down so that he could taste them. He sucked on her nipples and even pinched to get her aroused.

Oh Sokka moaned Suki as Sokka sucked her erotic nipples. Suki moved her hand between her body and grabbed Sokkas cock and began to rub it up and down fiercely. Oh Suki moaned Sokka. Let me returned the favor to you Sokka. Suki scooted back and took the hems of Sokkas pants and started to pull them off. Well, well, well. We have a very naughty boy. Didnt want to wear underwear? Just what I like. Suki took Sokkas cock in her hands and started to jerk him off. Oh yes Suki. Faster. Suki went faster. She acted like a pro from all her training with the Kyoshi warriors. Unknown to Sokka, Suki actually had practiced for this.

Faster Sokka moaned. Hold on Sokka Suki said. I have another treat for you. She lowered her face to his cock and began to lick it like a lollipop. Oh GODYes SukiFaster Sokka yelled grabbing onto the sheets. Suki bobbed her head up and down his penis. Suki, ImGonna.Cummm!! Sokka was exhausted after squirting his juices on her tits. Sokka slowly rose up and started to lick up his cum off her boobs. Oh, this tastes so good. Suki moaned feeling the hot sticky liquid being licked off by Sokka. She grabbed his head so she could get the whole experience. Sokka wiped his mouth. I guess its time to return the favor Sokka said as he pushed Suki down on the bed and started to kiss her passionately again.

Outside of the house, Aang was slowly rubbing his own cock due to all the excitement that was going on. I wished I was Sokka right now.

Sokka kissed down her neck and finally down her stomach getting close to her warriors skirt. Sokka took his hand and stuck into the bottom of her skirt and began to rub her cotton thong along her pussy. Oh Sokka. He could feel the panty getting really wet with her pussy juices. Sokka, remove my warriors skirt right now. I want you inside of me right now. Sokka nodded and took the hems of skirt and pulled them down. Suki was wearing a jade thong that clearly outlined her pussy. He slowly pushed her thong to the side and stuck a finger up her pussy. Oh Sokkaput more in. Sokka took out his finger and shoved his own hand into her pussy. SOKKA!! He could feel Suki was probably gonna be in pain. Oh my god. This feels so good. Sokka took out his hand and lean close to her pussy. Mhm, Sokka said this looks really tasty. Sokka stuck his tongue into her pussy and began to eat it really fast. Oh yes Sokka Suki yelled as one of her hands pinched her nipple and the other hand was pushing Sokkas head to her pussy. Suki started to shake and released a small orgasm. Sokka looked up licking her pussy juices. Oh Sokka Suki said as she leaned up and kissed him trying to get a taste of her pussy juices.

Suki moved her hands down to her pussy and decided to rip off her thong. Sokka, I want you inside of me now! Sokka nodded and slowly rubbed his cock so it would harden again. Sokka positioned it outside of her pussy as he placed her hands on her pussy to try and spread it out for it. Are you ready Suki? Suki nodded and at this moment Sokka rammed his penis into her pussy. Oh my god!! Suki shouted at the top of her lungs. Sorry Suki Sokka said allowing her pussy to get used to his cock. Suki was crying a little bit. Its not your fault Sokka, its just that I never had an experience like this before. Im ready now.

Sokka started to slowly hump Suki. Oh yes Sokka started to pick up the pace. His cock was pounding her cherry and his balls were pounding her sweet pussy. Suki wrapped her arms around Sokka, digging her nails into his back. Oh yes Sokka. I think Im gonna cum. Suki released a large moan releasing her cum onto Sokkas cock. Sokka continued to increase his pace. Suki, I think Im gonna cum now. He let out a loud moan just like Suki and squirted his juices into her pussy. They both were sweating hard. Sokka laid on top of Suki with his hard cock emerged in her pussy. Sokka started to kiss Suki on the lips once again as their orgasm subsided. That was very magical Sokka. Sokka smiled. Hold on Suki. There is just one more area I want to do.

Sokka turned Suki over onto her stomach. Stick your ass into air. Suki nodded and obeyed Sokka by lifting her ass into the air. She grabbed the sheets with her hands and could feel a cold liquid rubbing up against her asshole. She looked back and saw Sokka stroking his cock yet again. Are you ready for this? Sokka said. Suki nodded. Sokka placed his left hand and placed it onto Sukis ass check and grabbed his cock with his right hand. He positioned his cock right at her hole and thrust it into her ass. Suki moaned and bit her bottom lip as she felt her ass being ripped open. Sokka then grabbed her ass with both hands and started to trust against her. His balls were whacking against her ass. Oh Sokka. Suki tightened her grip on the bed sheet and could feel the pain within her. Suki, Im about to cum again Sokka yelled. Suki showed a little innocent look at him and nodded. Sokka thrust one last time and let out a large moan. He left his cock into her ass for a while. pop went Sokkas cock as he pulled his cock out of Sukis ass. Sokka, that was AMAZING!! She started to kiss him deeply once again.

Aang let out a loan groan releasing his own juices after just seeing the action between Suki and Sokka. He lowered the rock chair and decided to walk to the front door. He sighed and knocked on the door. Sokka and Suki opened the door and stood in some bath robes. Um, hey Sokka and Suki Aang said hesitantly.

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