Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: kataras day off

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: kataras day off

One day when the gang was traveling to one of the air temples they stopped by a fire nation camp to look for supplies. “I’m going out to look for plants for medicine, ill be back in a bit” said katara. “k, try finding some cannabis i ran out man” said Aang stoned out of his mind.

Its been 3 hours since katara left, she has found most of her supplies besides the weed. “dame this place is dry as a desert, i cant find even a joint anywhere” said katara angrily. “might have to run into town to find some, fire benders are everywhere though, got to be carful” she thought as she walk slowly to the tow that was decorated with the fire nation flag.

She has been asking everyone she saw. finally she found a hippy looking teen on the corner of a street that only had pipe shops and suspicious looking “tea” houses. “I do know one person, she’s a little weird but he can hook you up. She is in the moonlight tea house down the street. She wears a robe most of the time, with a fire symbol on the back.” said the hippy in a slow moving, mellowed out voice. “thanks man, peace.” said katara as she shook his hand and walked away.

She found the tea house in the very last building on the street. It was a old home, widows were broken up top and the chimney look as if it would fall any second. The front desk was covered in the most buatafull fabric she has ever seen. The house was small, only a few people were walking its halls. The lady in the back of the desk must have been over 70 years her hands look frail as she wrote on the parchment in front of her. “umm mam, do you now were i can find a person who can get me some ganja?” said katara who was afraid that she would be narked on. “oooo you must be looking for the girl in the next room, dear, she came i one day and made a deal with us to sell and we wouldn’t get mad.” she said in a frail voice.

As Katara walked in the room with a fire place in the corner, filled with small chairs and a few baths. There was a girl in the corner with a he robe on. “uuumm can i have a zip?” said katara without the robe wearing girl knowing she was there. The girl creamed and jumped, turning around fast with a knife in one hand. “Don’t sneak up on me!” she screamed. “Katara!” said Azula as she flung around. “AZULA!!” screamed katara. Azula yelled for the old lady to lock the door. Katara tried running but it was no use. Azula grabbed he by the hair and pulled her onto a chair tieing her up to it. “what are you doing here?” demanded Azula. “I was trying to find supplies. I never knew you were a dealer. ” said katara puzzled. “there is allot you don’t know about me” said Azula. “know i can kill you or you can do me a favor” said Azula. “what do you want?” said katara. “I haven’t been able to find one good guy in this town, i will set you free if i can have my way with you.” said Azula embarrassed. “fine, my brother was getting boring anyway” said katara. “just be genital” she said.

Azula pulled out a huge black strap on, pulled of kataras clothes and instantly started fucking her like a horny school boy. “Ahhhh fuck, i love it ruff” yelled Katara, “fuck me hard!” Azula fucked her for 10 minutes fearsomely, changing positions ones a minute. ” Eat me out! I want to cum in your mouth” yelled katara. “don’t be so pushy” yelled Azula. She started eating her out like she was eating a bucket of chicken. Katara panting in the chair, “I love it!, eat me out hard!” Panted katara. “ahh fuck i think im cumming!” yelled katara. Katara orgasms forcefully for over 5 minutes. “dame that was great!” thanked Azula. “can i leave now.” questioned katara. “Hell a you can, that was awesome, i love being dominate in sex.” Katara left, happily and still weak with her hair all messed up. When she got back to the camp Aang asked what happened. she said “ooo nothing, Shit i forgot your weed, sorry, i got a little distracted. “its all right, just fuck me and we will be even.” said Aang. So they fucked all night long cumming on every part of each others body, till they passed out in the grass.

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