Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Earth, Wind, and water

Avatar: The Last Airbender Pornography Story: Earth, Wind, and water

Ang had been making a lot of progress over the summer. He had Air Bending mastered, Fire Bending he didnt intend on using anymore, but his Water and Earth Bending skills were still far from honed. Toff had her method of insulting Ang and getting him angry, and that worked a little. Katara tried her be kind and complement approach, and that also worked a bit. But neither of those methods was working fast enough.

Toff, we need Ang to master our elements in less that two weeks. Katara said. They were on the edge of the Earth Nation and getting ready to go to the Fire Nation because the Comet was on its way.
I know. But he just isnt adept at learning. Toff said.
Well, if you were a little nicer he might be a professional Earth Bender by now. Katara said with a little anger.
Well youre too nice. He will never learn if he thinks that making a ball of water is a great job. Toff replied angrily. They were setting up tents while Ang and Sokka gathered wood for a fire.
Wait, we cant start fighting. We are Angs teachers. If we cant work together then we cant teach Ang anything. Katara commented
Youre right, Toff admitted, So how can we teach him?
Lets think. Ang is 112 years old, but was frozen for a hundred so he is still just a 12 year old boy. Katara began to mumble.
Hes headstrong, shy, and active. Toff added.
And hes afraid of messing up. Katara finished.
We need to make him un-shy or whatever and comfortable when working with us. Toff said.
How can we get him to do that? Katara asked. Toff turned in the direction where Kataras vibrations were coming from and wiggled her eyebrows up and down. Katara blushed.
Are you thinking what I think youre thinking? Katara asked.
Bring yourself and him over to my rock tonight. Well loosen him up. Toff said, grinning. Katara thought about it and decided that it was a good idea for the world. What she was unsure of was whether she wanted Ang to take her virginity or not.

The rest of the evening passed. Ang practiced his bending and whatnot. When Sokka went to bed, Toff made her rock tent and pretended to got to sleep.
Ang, Katara said when Ang was getting ready to turn in for the night.
What is it Katara? Ang asked.
Toff and I talked today and we think we know how to get you ready. Katara said, trying to hide her blushing face.
Really? How? Ang asked.
Follow me. Katara said. She picked up a burning branch and walked over to Toffs tent. When they got there, a door opened up and Katara and Ang went in.

What would have been dark was illuminated by the burning branch. Toff was sitting in the middle of the tent with her legs crossed.
Bout time you got here. she said.
So what did you two want? Ang asked. Toff stood up, walked over to Ang, and gave him a deep French kiss. Ang was surprised at first, but then he gave in and kissed back. Katara set the branch down and began to undress behind Toff so Ang could see. When Ang saw Katara get naked he immediately got hard. Toff felt this and reached her hand down his pants and began to stroke him.
Were going to make you feel more comfortable around us. We want you to see us as lovers, not teachers. Katara whispered in Angs ear. Toff got on her knees and slowly, almost painfully, took Ang into her mouth. While she sucked his cock in what Ang thought was teasingly slow, Katara began to undress Ang. When Ang was completely naked, Katara bent down and took Toffs clothes off. Toff began to moan on Angs cock as Katara slowly rubbed her breasts. Ang soon came in Toffs mouth.

Ang fell back to a sitting position, gasping from the orgasmic pleasure, only to begin to get hard again by what he was seeing. Instead of swallowing his cum, Toff turned to Katara and shared it with her in a long kiss. Then Toff lowered her mouth until she was sucking on one of Kataras tits and used her hand to rub the other. As Katara moaned in ecstasy, she reached down and stuck her middle and index finger into Toffs pussy, causing Toff to moan into Kataras tits. Ang got hard and began to stroke himself.

Toff then moved herself into the 69 position over Katara and they began to eat each other out. Toff moved her tongue in circles around Kataras folds, teasing her to the point of crying, while Katara wasted no time in shoving her tongue as deep as she could into Toffs virgin pussy. Using her teeth and lips, Katara also played with Toffs entrances as well as her inner pussy.

This caused Ang to go over the edge. He shot his load across the small tent and onto Toffs back. Katara reached up and wiped the cum off of her back and brought it down to her own breasts and began to fondle herself with Angs cum. As she moaned into Toffs pussy, Toff reached her climax. The waves of pleasure made Toff spasm then pass out. Katara rolled out from under the sleeping Toff and turned back to Ang.

Ang, I love you. she said, staring into Angs eyes.
I love you too. Ang said back. They embraced in a strong hug. Katara pulled out and positioned herself over Angs dick. Then she looked at him and he looked at her. They nodded simultaneously and Katara forced Angs dick into her virgin pussy. She would have screamed in pain if Ang hadnt kissed her at the same time. She screamed into his mouth. After the pain subsided she began to bounce up and down on Angs now throbbing cock. His 8 inch dick went deeper with each bounce. They never broke the kiss, even when they hit their orgasms, they were still kissing. After they were done they saw that Toff had woken up. Her hand was rubbing her pussy as she looked in their direction.
I wish I could have seen you two do it. she whispered. Katara got off Ang and they both walked over to Toff. Katara laid her down and placed her mouth over Toffs. As they began to kiss Katara massaged Toffs breasts. When Toff moaned from the pleasure, Ang inserted his 8 inches of hard Avatar into her. She moaned in painful pleasure as Ang took her virginity away from her, and was greeted with Kataras tongue massaging her own tongue. Ang began to hump Toff harder and faster, making Toff moan into Katara. Katara then broke the kiss and re-assumed the 69 position with Toff. As Ang fucked Toff to tears of pleasure, Katara began licking her clit, giving Toff the best feeling she ever felt in her life. Then, feeling Katara above her, she stuck her tongue into Kataras pussy, not playing around this time. The trio kept this up for almost half an hour, each of them having multiple orgasms, but never changing their positions. Then they lay down, side by side with Ang in the middle.
Tomorrow, I expect you to become an Earth Bending master. Toff whispered into his ear.
And I expect you to be a Water Bending master. Katara said into Angs other ear.
And I love you both too. Ang said. Then they all fell asleep in the now very warm rock, embracing eachother.

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